Adonis & Bathsheba
Unreleased track recorded on July 27, 1986. Written by Prince.

2 an orgy n a garden of flowers Adonis and Bathsheba flew
All of creation awaits them, a flowing dance by the crystal blue
Stream of desire and erotic rebellion
That parades thru their hearts and minds
They look at 1 another as much as they don't
2 touch is their need, 2 love they r blind
2 love they r blind

An abandoned gazebo houses what looks 2 b a perfect place
They undress as they're running, Bathsheba crying
Adonis sweat upon his face
4 them there is no morning, only night decisions so grand
There is no bed, how will they ever love?
They decide 2 stand
No bed, they decide 2 stand

Adonis and Bathsheba n a garden of flowers, n a garden of love!

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