Recorded circa 2013 (w/ 3rdEyeGirl) and released as the 11th track on album PLECTRUMELECTRUM (September 26, 2014). Written by Prince.

Lost my job at Mickey D's
4 givin' away 2 much food 4 free
But I couldn't watch another black child go 2 school
With nothing 2 eat

7 of us then took 2 the streets
Raised by the music, fed by the beat
Seein' how long we could stay out of jail is how we...
That's how we compete

We never own the streets that we kept defending
The money we got, we just end up spending
With nothing 2 save and not a thing 4 lending
U're never really happy
U're never really happy, just really good at pretending

Everybody n the world wants 2 b a star
But few got what it takes 2 get that far
If a rocket ship didn't cost more than a car
A brother might move, might move, might move 2 Mars

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