Recorded early 2014 (w/ 3rdEyeGirl ft. Hannah Welton-Ford lead vox) and released as the 3rd track on album PLECTRUMELECTRUM (September 26, 2014). Written by Prince.

Born on the isle of pain
It's easy 2 find others 2 blame
We used 2 b gagged and bound
But it's over now cuz truth we found
And we ain't, no, we ain't turnin' 'round

2 get 2 the promised land
U got 2 go back 2 understand
Everything comes from sound
All vibrating under the crown
And we ain't, no, we ain't turnin' 'round

Ran out of patience yesterday 4 them with no helpin' hands
We came from a people who built everything and farmed the land
Let's stop lookin' 4 a reason 2 die and just sound the alarm
Maybe the hand that U're lookin' 4 is at the end of ur arms
End of ur arms, end of ur arms

What U r listening 2 now is an ultrasound of Donna's brain
We would like 2 now apologize 4 the volume and severity of this content
She rocks and it's beautiful
Wow Donna, wow

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