Recorded on October 25, 1993 and released as the 12th track on the album The Gold Experience (September 26, 1995). The track also appeared with exact running time of 3:19 (seque added) on the Pussy Control promo single cassette at the VH1 Awards (December 3, 1995) and was included in the movie Showgirls (September 22, 1995). Written by Prince.

About time, come n

Take off ur clothes
Betcha got a body, by God
Come on, let me see
U oughta

My camera's gonna get U when U get it good and wet
U oughta let me come and pet U so it lasts, baby
Can I see it, baby? (Mmm) Ow!

I got a good shot, put ur leg on the chair (Like that?)
U know U're 2 hot when U play with ur hair (Hahaha)
I like it

I just wanna holler, scream and shout
When U let ur fingers do the walkin' n and out and all about
Ah hoochie, don't do that
Uh, U... make me wanna dance
Now watch this

Lock the door and kill the phone, my camera, U and me alone
We'll make a picture all will see and go, "Ow! 319"
Oh baby, how'd U get ur legs 2 do that?
Ooh shit
319 {repeat}
U're just 2 mean
319 {repeat}
Yeah yeah, go on girl (319)
Ooh (319)

Ain't gotta tell U cuz already know (319)
Girl, U n the house so U runnin' the show
Go on girl
Yeah (319)
Come here (319)
Have U ever kissed another woman on the dance floor?
Come here (319)
Where U going? Come here (319)
319 (319)

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